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What Is A Strut Mount?

Getting in our cars and expecting a comfortable ride is something we all take for granted. When things start to feel different and your ride quality has started to degrade, you most likely have a suspension component that has gone bad. The strut mount on your car, a vital part of your strut assembly, can degrade over time, leaving you with a rough ride. Today, we are going to look at what a strut mount is, what the symptoms of a bad strut mount are, and what it cost to replace your strut mount.

What Is A Strut Mount?

What Is A Strut Mount?

A car's suspension system component is a strut mount or a suspension strut bearing. It is designed to hold the upper end of the suspension strut in place while allowing it to rotate to absorb shocks and vibrations caused by bumps or potholes in the road. The strut mount also helps control side-to-side movement and enhances ride comfort.

Typically, strut mounts are made from rubber or metal components and are covered by an outer shell that houses the bearing. The bearing transmits force between the upper and lower mounting points of the vehicle's suspension system while helping to reduce the noise produced during acceleration or cornering.

Does My Car Have A Strut Mount?

Most modern cars have a strut mount, with some exceptions, including certain classic cars or vehicles with solid front axles. To check if your car has one, lift up your vehicle’s hood and look at its suspension system. If you see a large rubber component connecting the strut assembly to the body of your car, then most likely, your vehicle has a strut mount.

Symptoms Of A Bad Strut Mount

The most common symptom of a bad strut mount is increased noise from your car when you hit bumps or potholes on the road. Other signs include excessive car bouncing after hitting those dips in the road and an uncomfortable ride due to vibrations felt through your steering wheel or seat belt. In addition, you may experience trouble turning corners because of reduced maneuverability caused by worn-out struts.

Cost To Replace A Strut Mount

The cost to replace a strut mount varies depending on factors such as the brand and model of your vehicle and any additional parts needed for installation. Generally, replacing just one front strut mount costs around $230-$350 per side, while replacing both sides will cost around $400-$700 in total labor, not including any additional parts needed for installation.

GSP’s High-Quality Strut Mount Solutions

If your strut mount has gone out, upgrading to a GSP strut mount will allow you to get factory-like fitment with more durable components. Our strut mounts will feature the following benefits:

True Mount - “True” Hydraulic mount, where applicable, featuring the flow channel board, seal, bowl, and Ethylene Glycol fluid filled to OE specifications.

Silent Ride - Silent Ride Technology combines the highest quality rubber and strict adherence to quality and design to create a motor mount line that will outperform the competition.

Advanced Process - Advanced Rubber Mixing Facilities of automatic weighing, filling, and unloading, is controlled by a computer that can optimize and record the mixing parameters, to make the best quality of mixed rubber.

Premium Materials - The natural raw rubber used is sourced from Malaysia, who is world’s leading rubber supplier.

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